Veteran Tax Credits

VTC’s mission is to help veterans and employers leverage the U.S. Department of Labor’s Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program. The program benefits employers who hire candidates from certain target groups, such as military veterans. Employers can earn up to $9600 per hire.

Is your business working hard to hire veterans? 

How are you handling the tax credits you’re entitled to for hiring them? Let VTC take care of this for you!

VTC partners with both the veteran and the employer, to connect, educate and create a successful outcome for all. VTC helps the veteran get pre-certified for the tax credit in order to simplify and expedite the process for employers once hired.  For the employer, VTC provides a turn-key solution that ensure they are maximizing the tax credits for hiring veterans and all other target groups. In addition to the tax credit processing, VTC provides a way to source pre-certified veterans.

Over $1 billion in tax credits are dispersed each year by the WOTC program, yet an additional; $64 billion go unclaimed! Let VTC help you recoup dollars you can put back into your budgets!

Are you a veteran looking for employment?

You’re already a valuable job candidate, so let’s make you the most valuable job candidate and leverage the Federal tax credit an empoyer can get for hiring you?

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