Reblue 3 and 4 After Action

Reblue 3 and 4 covered accelerators, and raising capital. It felt like a window to another world was opened.

Please relive both workshops below. Then please pass us your feedback and we’d love it if you’d ‘pay what they were worth to you’ below.

Charley Ansbach is an advisor at Sacramento-based, veteran-owned Evolution Accelerator, founder of Ansbach and Associates, and a lecturer on social entrepreneurship and corporate responsibility at UC Davis. An experienced executive, social entrepreneur, fundraiser, board advisor, and university instructor, Charley helps companies identify brand-aligned, triple bottom line, emerging market growth opportunities and move corporate social responsiblity from cost center to profit center, scale the impact of social enterprises, and give social impact investors new exit strategies.

You can reach Charley at

Alex Chompff served 4 years in the 1990s Marine Corps as a rifleman, and since then has held a number of tech jobs in and around Silicon Valley. He has managed the California state legislature’s IT projects portfolio since 2004. In 2018, he built Evolution Accelerator to act in partnership with local investors, businesses and governments to build upon Sacramento’s startup ecosystem, to provide selected entrepreneurs with access to professional management coaching, mentorship and capital networks. 

You can learn more about Evolution Accelerator and reach Alex at

We appreciate you paying ‘what Reblue 4 was worth’. This helps make the 4All Call Series and Reblue Series sustainable.


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