Re4ormed Reblue Conference

A 4-hour workshop that will prepare your business for 2022!

Presented by Re4ormed, Bravadis Media, and Woodworth Enterprise Solutions

Join experts from across our community as they help you build your 2022 strategic plan


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Molly is a two-time Olympic Silver medalist (2010 & 2014) with the US Women’s National Ice Hockey Team. Her career on the ice and experience growing community-based organizations in Massachusetts and Southern California led her to co-found “Movement in a Box” to help children learn how to be active.

Sarah’s experience as a NCAA Division 1 athlete and as a professional educator in physical literacy, purposeful movement, physiology, and strength and conditioning led her to develop “Movement in a Box” and the company’s vision and holistic approach to child development.

Former Naval Officer and enterprise-CFO, now founder of Chessolutions, Scott Chesson delivers CFO 4Vets, specializing in virtual CFO services, cash flow optimization, business valuation, and business profitability and analytics. 

Military-spouse Pavithri Kilgore delivers over 15 years of experience in nation-wide human resources and training through KPSK, which delivers HR consulting in recruitment and staffing, compensation management, developing HR policies and procedures, employee relations and training and development. 

Former Army and New York State Police helicopter pilot Michael Leonard‘s goal is to educate individuals, families, small businesses about the benefits of having an affordable plan in place to offer legal protection and peace of mind.

Former Navy Electronics Technician Josh Toenyes co-founded Cardsetter to provide affordable, templated website design that’s ideal for e-commerce and easy to customize. With Cardsetter’s help, a professional website achievable for everyone.

Former Navy Boatswain’s Mate Jeremy Mish founded Bravadis Media to deliver you customers and clients using the power of digital marketing and social media advertising.Bravadis is the go-to team to manage your Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, TikTok, and SnapChat ads. 

Air Force veteran and military spouse Elise Woodworth founded Woodworth Enterprises to provide the expert assessment, training, consulting and coaching services that your company needs to create innovative, productive and engaged teams. Their mission is to ignite tomorrows leaders, inspire today’s, and help develop teams that will shape history.

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