5% to 10% Savings on Your Electricity Bill While Going Green!

Are you a veteran or military-spouse in Maryland or New York that wants to save 5-10% on your electricity bill while embracing local, renewable energy, without having to install anything in your home? Read on and ENROLL HERE!

To encourage the growth of community solar projects, the New York and Maryland state governments incentivize their residents and businesses to subscribe to those clean energy projects by offering savings on their electricity, resulting in lower emissions in their community. Re4ormed is proud to bring this ‘no-cost’ program to consumers in New York and Maryland through Common Energy.

How does it work? Common Energy works with clean energy developers across Maryland and New York to provide clean energy to the grid, which helps large utilities (such as PEPCO and BGE in Maryland) meet their renewable power standards set by law.  When you sign up with Common Energy, the amount of electricity you use each month is offset by the same amount from a local solar facility, and that amount shows up as a ‘clean energy credit’ on your existing utility bill. Common Energy pays your electric utility bill and sends you a separate bill reflecting a guaranteed 10% discount off those solar energy credits. And there’s your incentive! By embracing solar credits, you’ll pay for only 90% of your electricity consumption, for example $90 for $100 of electricity. This will reduce your overall utility bill by 5-10%. Why might that be less than 10%? Because of other transmission fees your utility also charges. For most households, this equates to $10-$15 of savings each month. (Note: if you are in a low-to-medium income category, the energy credit is enhanced up to 25%. Also, you will be removed from any balanced/budget billing plan your are currently enrolled in.) It takes 2 minutes to sign up here, and expect it to take 4-8 weeks to be connected due to the utility’s processing time. Sign up is free and there’s no cancellation fee. Please contact us with your questions on this innovative way to save veterans and military-families money while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting our environment!