Fidelis Consulting

Fidelis Consulting helps your growing business organize financial records, prepare your taxes, and make good decisions.

With a focus on affordable bookkeeping and tax preparation services, and access to fractional CFO services, Fidelis is a smart addition to your business.

Subscription Packages (price based on monthly expenses)

  • Monthly Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Reporting
    • A dedicated financial team handles your bookkeeping and accounting so you can focus on running your business
    • Month-end accounting guarantees an accurate, ongoing financial picture.
    • Industry-specific reporting creates informed decision making
    • Personalized, expert support from Fidelis helps you understand what your finances mean
    • Predictable, transparent pricing for the fraction of a full-time employee
    • 10% off all services for the Re4ormed community
  • Annual Tax – (available to monthly bookkeeping clients)
    • Fidelis prepare and file your business state and federal taxes.
    • Fidelis projects your estimated tax liability to drive decision making.

Custom Services and Add-Ons

  • Virtual CFO Services –(available to monthly bookkeeping clients)
    • Budgeting – Are you on track, making enough, or spending too much?
    • Profitability Analysis – Are you profitable?  Which products or services are profitable?  Locations?
    • Cash Flow Analysis – How long until you run out of money?  How do you get more money?
    • Process Advisory – Is there a better way?  New technology?
    • Coaching and Strategic Planning – What are your goals?  What is your strategy and tactical plan to achieve them?
  • Tax services – (available to monthly bookkeeping clients)
    • 1099 preparation and filing – Fidelis files these on your behalf each year.
    • Government notices – Fideleis handles these as they come in to keep you in good standing with the government.

Want to connect with Fidelis? Please share more about your business and needs to set up an exploratory call.

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Amazing Military-Spouse Entrepreneur

Taylor White served as a finance technician and non-commissioned officer in the Marine Corps from 2008-2013 and was selected as Marine of the Year in 2011. After transitioning to the private sector, he served as a financial analyst for Lockheed Martin, MLT Systems, and then CPA firm Carl, Riggs and Ingram. He co-founded Fidelis Consulting in January 2020 and resides in the New Orelans area.

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