We’re partnered with veteran-owned AGLX Consulting LLC to provide exclusive, next generation tools that help leaders make sense of their VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) operating environments so they know how to act. By coupling advanced sense-making tools with the combat-proven and scalable leadership and teamwork lessons from elite military teams, AGLX offers an informed and low-energy cost approach to those leaders who are serious about realizing their desired organizational outcomes. 

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AGLX consultants come from the most challenging VUCA environments in the world. It’s in these combat-tested environments that we learned to reliably execute and lead. Our ability to help your organization succeed is a product of our military backgrounds, our research and education, and our immersion in business — from coaching FORTUNE 15 companies to technology startups. We get it, we’ve done it, and we can help you. Check out some of our recent training below.

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