Announcing the Re4ormed Reblue series of high-impact workshops.

Announcing the Re4ormed Reblue series of high-impact workshops.

Starting Thursday 29 October.

The rebluing process improves cosmetic appearance, prevents corrosion and improves overall functionality of a worn weapon.

The Navy’s Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN) holds an annual Reblue for every TOPGUN insructor to receive the latest updates on the threats we face, and the new tactics, techniques, and procedures that will ensure we win.

Now, the Re4ormed Reblue is offered as a 2-part series of ‘pay-what-it-was-worth’ workshops led by experts that deliver practical, impactful content in a collaborative way that serves to “reblue” the skills of veteran and military-spouse entrepreneurs.

Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures Behind Winning Email Campaigns

This first Reblue will help you get into the inbox, get opened, and get clicked.

Our guest in the first two Reblues is Emmanuel Eleyae, the founder of Eleyae Systems, which helps e-commerce businesses thrive. Emmanuel has grown multiple 7-figure e-commerce stores including growing his own (Grace Eleyae Inc.) from 0 to $5.5 million in revenue in two years as a bootstrapped business. Before becoming an e-commerce ninja, Emmanuel served as an armor officer in the US Army completed his MBA at The University of Texas El Paso in international management, and worked for Amazon. His personal goal is to help 100 e-commerce entrepreneurs grow to $1,000,000+ in sales.

In this Reblue, you’ll:
1) Learn best practices for deliverability to get into the inbox
2) Learn how to avoid unsubscibers and spam complaints
3) Learn how to create the best subject lines to achieve the highest open rates
4) Take away ready-made, proven, and tested content that you can use immediately.
5) Learn industry benchmarks to help you assess your campaign.
6) Get a personal debrief on your own email campaign.

 Fortune is in the Followup: Using Email Automation to Make $ While You Sleep

In this second Reblue will help you optimize your automated email campaigns.

In this Reblue, you’ll learn:
1) What is the buyer’s journey?
2) What automation to use at key touchpoints during that journey
3) How to implement automation in your CRM of choice

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