Veteran Entrepreneur Spotlight: Steve Taylor

This week’s veteran-entrepreneur spotlight is on former Navy Surface Warfare Officer and USNA ’87 grad Steve Taylor. After growing his own innovative flooring franchise in Pleasanton, CA, and selling his majority portion in 2019, Steve turned his efforts to helping the Franchise Consulting Company (FCC) as a franchise adviser, providing free help to individuals, particulary veterans, hoping to realize their dreams of owning their own business.

How do they do it? FCC works with hundreds of franchise companies around the world to help their clients structure a franchise strategy that accounts for their situation and desires for brand, culture and operating models, all in order to attain their goals.

FFC will help you navigate through the complexities of modern franchising, all at no cost. The end results is a roadmap and support that will help you avoid costly mistakes. If you’re a veteran or military-spouse interested in a franchise-business, reach out to Steve today!


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