Introducing 4ward: Matching Investors with Veteran and Military-Spouse Owned Startups and Non-Profits

Raising capital is hard. Working together is the gouge.

Through veteran-owned Localvest, we’re excited to launch the 4ward Investor Group to support the ecosystem of veteran and military-spouse startups, non-profits, and real-estate deals. Bringing visibilty and matching capital to their projects, businesses, vision, and commitment, we’ll help them tell their stories and meet their fundraising goals.

4ward is open to any accredited investor to join at no cost. Through Re4ormed, veteran / military-spouse owned startups and businesses may list for 10% off the normal list fee. Veteran / military-spouse owned non-profit can list at no cost. Something about ‘one team, one fight’. And we just want to help you succeed.

Let us introduce you to 4ward’s first veteran-owned non-profits

Team Afghan Power (TAP) is working to provide solar power, internet, laptops, and educational programming to 300 students in rural Afghanistan, to allow them to compete with urban students for placement in higher education. TAP plans to build projects at schools in 6 provinces prior to seeking funding from donor agencies. They seek $12,000 to comlpete fundraising for their pilot project; each additional project will require $28,825.

Chow helps military veterans transition into the culinary industry by providing a Food Truck Training Program and opportunity to own and operate a food truck. These lucky veterans operate under the Chow franchise umbrella and are provided logistic and financial support. a food truck, menu, branding, supply chain support, food safety training, and much more.

And 4ward’s first veteran-owned startup

Family Proud is changing how our loved ones navigate hardship. Founded by two veterans, their team of Naval Academy, Stanford GSB, and Healthcare executives have walked in the shoes of caregivers and patients and knows there is a better way. They recently completed the Nex3 health accelerator and received a major contract from the U.S. Air Force which is the gateway to deploying Family Proud to thousands of veterans. They recently launched at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego and have made an immediate impact on care delivery for families.

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