Veteran & military-spouse entrepreneurs, whether you’re in the DC/Baltimore/Annapolis area or beyond, please join this Thursday’s 5pm ET Annapolis All Call for some powerful virtual-networking and mutual-support.

The monthly Annapolis All Call provides a forum for mutual support amongst veteran and military-spouse entrepreneurs. Although focused on the Annapolis/DC/Baltimore ecosystem, this forum is open to all. This 4th All Call will consist of executive-pitch session for those interested in sharing their businesses and how our tribe can help them. Please keep your pitches limited to 1-minute and then share your biggest-needs…those you hope our community can help you with.

Register for the 11 June Annapolis All Call here:

To improve the quality and amount of collaboration and networking, we’ll use the 11 June Annapolis All Call Google Sheet at

Ahead of the All Call, if you wish to pitch your business, please sign up by entering your name in the first “free” tab labeled Person X and populating the information requested in the green cells in rows 1-6. We’ll use that sign up to flow from one pitcher to the next. Note the Chat #s that start in row 9 will be used as “chat-spaces” for those of us who wish to share info with you. This will ease collaboration and make it more enduring.

Would also ask all of you, whether you’re pitching or not, to enter your contact info and LinkedIn handle in the Contact List tab, which is the first tab.

Rules of engagement will be shared the morning of the event Thanks to our partners at Launch! Annapolis, Patriot Boot Camp, Founder Trac, and MCVC Partners.

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